Christmas Collection 2023: Design & Inspiration

Christmas Collection 2023: Design & Inspiration

I'm so excited to finally launch my new Christmas cards and gifts. I would say that I could happily design Christmas cards as a full-time job.. (a small hint to any card companies out there looking for an artist).

I think working on these new card ideas has helped me to find my illustrative style of working. For my main Christmas print this year, I had the idea to capture a bright orange fox set against a snowy/frosty backdrop inspired by an encounter last Winter on a cold morning walk. It's loosely based on a meadow behind our house where the river runs through. The rest is fully imagined with the little cosy house in the background and a parent taking their children sledging in the snow. I started working on this idea in July and had completed the lino print by the end of August. There's something quite simple about it, but it captures everything I wanted it to!

Design for 'Country Christmas' Lino Print

The final print

Country Christmas greetings cards - available now


I've also snuck into the collection my 2022 'Village Christmas' card which was so popular last year. Again, it is pretty much an imagined scene, but with elements like the church and the houses inspired by the village I grew up in. It's reminiscent of childhood Christmases giving it a nostalgic and warming feel, especially with the glow of the lights and moon. 

Village Christmas Lino print

Village Christmas Greeting Cards


Other additions to the collections are the 'Retro Robin' and 'Winter Solstice' cards. These were designed last December when the flurry of orders was coming to an end (and early too because of postal strikes) which meant I had the time to take part in an Instagram challenge with different design prompts, including 'mid-century' and 'Winter solstice'. It was such a nice challenge to take part in and I knew I could use these designs in 2023. It was also nice to work in some different mediums including watercolour and ink which the solstice design was created in and manipulated digitally.

Drawing out the different elements of 'Winter solstice'

Winter Solstice Greetings Card

Retro Robin card inspired by mid-century design

Alongside my digitally printed cards, I'm also offering some hand printed ones too. I do this every year because I believe that a handmade card is extra special and is less likely to be chucked away by the recipient and instead kept aside or framed. Last years design 'Sleepy Squirrel' proved really popular, so I have brought him back alongside a new 'Sleepy Badger' design. They are hand printed in black with copper ink detail. 

Another fun little product I've been working on are my needle felted decorations. I started making these last year, mainly making penguins which sold as soon as I made them. This year you can choose from a penguin, a santa or a fox to add to your tree. I'll be making these to order as they can take from 30mins to 1hr to create. I hope they bring you joy as well as the knowledge that they were made lovingly by me, rather than from a mass producing sweatshop for a big company. These will only be available on my Etsy shop, so head over there to place your order. They will come in their own little hand stamped box tied with twine - What a cute gift idea!

I hope my new Christmas collection brings you as much joy as it gave me creating it. I'm sure I will be adding to it over the next couple of months, maybe introducing some gift tags or something similar. 

Remember how important it is to shop small this Christmas, find gifts that are unique and handmade or even make something yourself - you don't need to spend a fortune if you can't afford it! But most importantly, send a card to a loved one, it's nice to know that someone is thinking of you. 

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