A Creative Year in Review: 2022

A Creative Year in Review: 2022

As we enter the third month of 2023, I thought it would be nice to do a round up of my creative journey in 2022. 


The New Year always feels like a good time to start a new body of work. It was in February last year that I decided to work on some larger prints, Morston Quay and Along the GlavenI was also doing some freelance work at the same time, so balancing the two was quite a challenge! It was also a challenge working at such a scale without a large enough press, hence the small print runs. But I loved the results!

The end of February brought war in Ukraine, a really troubling time for so many. Like many other artists, I felt compelled to do something that would help even in the smallest way. My Dove of Peace charity print raised £248 for The British Red Cross and their humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 



Spring is always a time of hope with new life and signs of brighter days ahead. I was inspired by a trip home to my family in Norfolk to create two new works - one inspired by the coast and one by the garden. 

Seaside Escape and Garden Escape can be purchased here in my shop.

During these months I was focussed on getting work ready for upcoming markets and events. It is probably the time of year when I am at my most creative and inspired - probably due to the sunnier weather!

In June I took part in the North Norfolk Creative Makers Market which takes place twice a year. I had also worked on some fabric print designs in the run up to the event for group organiser Elena of Digby & George who created these beautiful handbags! 

 At the end of June, my partner Samuel and I went on holiday to North Devon staying in the seaside village of Appledore. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we visited some very inspiring locations which continue to influence my lino prints. 


July brought the hottest day on record in the UK and it was definitely the hottest Summer I've ever known. I visited my family in Norfolk for 2 weeks at the end of July for an exhibition at The Garden House Gallery in Cromer and for a stall at Worstead Festival. Both events were very successful!

Call of the Sea, Exhibition Cromer 2022

Some of the sold works - Moment of Quiet, Restless Sky I, Call of the Sea I & Along the Glaven (framed)

Worstead Festival stall, 2022

Sea swims, sunshine and BBQ's in Norfolk, 2022

September was all about thinking ahead to Christmas and coming up with new work and new products like makeup bags and tea towels. After a busy but exciting Summer, it was nice to start to ease into the Autumn which is probably my favourite time of year. 


At the start of October I took part in Super Seconds Festival, an amazing online event where 250 artists and makers come together to sell their seconds, old stock and imperfect prints at reduced prices. I can't wait to take part againthis year!

As the days started to get shorter, my main focus was Christmas stock for upcoming markets. I created the lino print design Village Christmas which proved to be one of my most popular prints and cards to date!

Village Christmas Cards 

I also used the cosy Autumnal evenings to work on other craft projects like my little needle felted penguins which were a big hit at markets. I took part in the North Norfolk Creative Christmas market, The Big Craft Event in Lincolnshire and a craft fair at Woodthorpe plant shop in Nottingham. 

NNC Christmas Market, 2022


If you've reached this far, well done to you! 2022 was a good year for me and my little business despite the declining economic climate. I'm most proud that I pushed myself to do more markets and get my work seen. I'm looking forward to what 2023 has to offer, where I'll be taking part in some new events! Thank you for following along in my creative journey.

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